It's time for gingerbread!

It”s December, and that means it”s time to take those gingerbread recipes out of the holiday cookbooks .. you know, the ones shoved in the far back corner of your bookshelf. I love gingerbread, so when wintertime is finally showing its shining face, I like to embrace the season as much as possible. Gingerbread everything, please!



As much as I love gingerbread, making houses can be a huge pain. While they”re a warp back to childhood, it can be frustrating all the same. However, instead of buying one of those kits this year, you should try making one from scratch. With so many templates and recipes online, you”ll be a gingerbread house making pro in no time!



Okay, I know what you”re thinking. “Gingerbread and monkey bread are amazing on their own, what a genius idea to add them together!” I know. I feel the same. Plus, the gingerbread men marshmallows are too cute for words. (



This cake is delicious on it”s own, or even with a nice, hearty frosting. I”m thinking cream cheese. YUM. A perfect snack to go along with some warm cider — morning, afternoon or night. (


What are your favorite gingerbread recipes? Have any pictures? Share with us!

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